How to sell drugs online (Fast) A Netflix Series Season 2 Review

How to sell drugs online (Fast) A Netflix Series Season 2 Review

How to sell drugs online season two is released on Netflix on 21st of July continuing from where it left off with the same witticism narration of Mortiz and the same screenplay as the previous season.
At the start, tricked to think that the show is over, and the show is moving on to the next imaginary show. Just like the previous season.

The company's CEO, Moritz is spending his most of the time towards his girlfriend Lisa, Chief Technical Officer, Lenny is busy with his new girlfriend, who is chatting over discord and finally the marketing manager Dan is worried about his biology exam.

The two ladies from the Good times visited Moritz's house as they are worried about the My drugs store and offered him an employment offer with his own company. This offer came with a cost, these two ladies advised Moritz to let the others go and put a three-day deadline to take the offer.

Moritz told the proposal of the two ladies with Lanny and Dan. They were furious about ditching them. Both Lenny and Dan want to get out from the MyDrugs but, Moritz told them that ladies would kill them if they leave.

Meanwhile, Lenny and Dan are enjoying their first million euros milestone in a ski-resort, but they need to move the money to the bank from crypto wallet. So, they decided to open a bank account in Dan's mom bank. Lenny found a doctor, who is taking patients in-exchange to money for trails to slow down cancer. Everyone started to want more money at a certain point. Dan brought his dream car from the store.

Remember Buba the drug dealer from the first episode, his mother and brothers tracked down the Moritz and his friends to investigate about his funny death. In this process, Moritz agreed to sell cocaine for them and in return for the 50, 000 euros. Moritz seeks their services to help his partner who is about to fail his biology exam because he left early without showing him answers to pursue his girlfriend Lisa.

Lenny and Dan found that Moritz ditched them, took away the control of the store, and locked them out. Moritz accepted the offer of the ladies and joined them in his office. While he was there, one the sub-ordinate of the ladies killed a woman who is just leaving their drug company.

Once again, Moritz requested the service of the Albanians to save their friends getting killed. Lenny created a watch that will delete the entre MyDrugs store including the bitcoins they earned.

Overall, this season is more a fight between the partners Mortiz, Lenny and Dan. Lisa found out about the Moritz's store and advised him to leave it and move but he won't listen. This season mostly diverted and didn't have the previous season charm in it. I liked the previous season than this one.

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