The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 3

In the third episode, Wilson and Bucky are in search of answers about the supersoldier serum which is being used by civilians in the middle east. At first, they approached a black super soldier who is a friend of bucky but, he refused to help them. 

As a final resort, they approached Zemo, who used Bucky and other supersoldiers for his own gain in Captain America - Winter Soldier movie.

After Zemo is set free from German jail by Bucky, three of them went to Madripoor a city in Indonesia for low life and thugs, looking for an answer about the serum. 

Their plan went horribly wrong, Sharon Carter a Steve Rogers supporter helped them. With her help, they tracked a guy who is cooking the serum for Power Broker.

But a few activists stole the only batch of 20 serums made by him from the Power Broker. These activists are the same guys who they fought in the previous episode.

While interrogating the guy, bounty hunters are trying to kill Wilson, Bucky and Zemo for creating havoc in a pub. Zemo killed him.

Meanwhile, Wakanda is searching for Zemo. Overall, the episode is action-packed with a few comedy lines and interesting to watch with an unexpected guest at the end.

You can watch this episode in Disney Plus Hotsar even with a VIP subscription. A new episode will be dropping at 12:30 PM every Friday.

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