My Experience of Installing Windows 11

To Install the latest version of  Windows 11 you need to signup for the Windows Insider program right from your computer.

To sign up for the program and download the latest version,

  1.  you need to go to the Settings,
  2. Then Select the Windows Update,
  3. At the bottom, you will now see, Windows Insider Program,
  4. Then follow the on-screen instructions to sign into a Microsoft account and then select the DEV Program,
  5. To download Windows 11, you need to select the DEV program.
  6. Then your download starts, At most the size would be 2.5 to 3GB depending upon the make and manufacture.
  7. Then it takes some time to install in the background,
  8. Then leave the PC Overnight on with a power socket plugged in. 
 I would recommend updating your PC at Night rather than on the Day as It might take a lot of time to install.

Follow this video on youtube for more details:

My Experience

I got Dell Vostro a basic model with an i3 10th gen processor with 4GB of RAM. The system is slow compared to my previous 6th gen i-5 processor and 8 GB of RAM and it took me an hour to download windows 11 with a 50Mbps ACT Fibernet Internet connection.

Another 4 hours to install it in the background and another 3 hours to install in the boot menu. I would highly recommend you update the Windows during the night rather than during the day. 

The installation time varies according to the system configuration and the make.

I have few personalized settings before; after the update, settings and files are exactly the same and didn't change a bit even my wallpaper and the data is Intact.

What's not working for me?

  1. The widgets didn't open for me, till now. Yeah! It literally didn't open.
  2. The settings and start menu is slow and lagging.
  3. The search bar is also buggy. 
  4. Slow performance after the installation, to recover from that I restarted the system and worked fine from then with any performance issue.

What's Good.

  1. The design,
  2. All new settings and menu
  3. The booting time (from pressing the button to power on to the OS asking for a password) is less compared to Windows 10.

That all for now, stay tuned for more updates.   

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