How to sell drugs online (Fast): A Netflix Series

How to sell drugs online (Fast): A Netflix Series

Disclaimer: This website nor the author of the website does not encourage buying, selling, hearing or seeing the drugs. Drugs are injurious to health even though they reach you to your imaginary world.

Love towards a girl makes you do anything, Love towards 14th wife of a Muslim emperor made him build Taj Mahal with marble stone. In this series, Moritz Zimmermann (Maximilian Mundt) wants to host a party for her girlfriend Lisa Novak (Lena Klenke) with drugs to win her heart. So, he brought drugs from a local drug dealer Buba (Bjarne M├Ądel) with his online project money.

Lisa and Moritz are in love for a pretty good time since their childhood. After returning from America, she started to date Dan a handsome guy who happens to sell drugs in the school for money.

Mortiz with help of his disabled friend Lenny Sander (Danilo Kamber) started an online drug store called MyDrugs on the dark internet with PGP encryption. Before that, they both are planning to launch a store called Mytems, which is an e-bay for in-game items. After the first shipment, reviews were very bad on the product. Some random person on the website offered him to supply drugs for his store and sent a location of the delivery.

The supplier dropped the package from a plane after Moritz sends the money via cryptocurrency. The next batch of shipments received the best reviews and increased the traffic and sales to the website. Meanwhile, the local dealer Buba was arrested for supplying the drugs and released after a while. Buba is after Moritz and Lenny for the money they promised. To rescue themselves, Lenny printed a 3D gun which can fire an original bullet.

Buba kidnapped Lenny for the money. Mortiz and Dan went to rescue Lenny. Accidentally, Buba shot himself with the 3D gun. Moritz as CEO, Lenny as CTO and the Dan as Marketing manager started to expand the business. The old supplier prescribed this new supplier for different types and more variants of the drugs and started to sell drugs on the clear web 

This German series is entertaining with comedy, story narrating style of Mortiz and this a true story of a teen online drug king of Europe. This series is released in April of last year. A new season is coming this month on 21st in the Netflix. 

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