Penguin: An Amazon Exclusive Movie

Rhythm's ( Keerthy Suresh) son Ajay went missing during a picnic trip. Police with the help of others started to search the 1000 square kilometre area to find Ajay.  After a few days, the search team reached a lake in the forest area. Near to bushes, a policeman found internal organs. Months passed by no word on the boy. Rhythm was just obsessed with her kid disappearance and went into depression. Rhythm's husband left her as he was unable to bear her depressed state.

After five years, a man approached her and says he will marry her and accept her in the present state and explains that he will understand her. At their first marriage anniversary, Rhythm was a 7-month old pregnant. She went to the doctor for a checkup, the doctor advised staying away from the lake and not to take any stress.

But Rhythm went to the lake anyway, she sat there till dusk. A man with injuries rolls down to the lake from a cliff. While she is trying to help the injured man, he gave Rhythm his phone and warns her to run away. Then she saw a shadow walking with an umbrella and Charlie Chaplin face mask, she managed to escape from the situation. This scene will make you feel tense and you can easily predict.

Rhythm finds a boy in the middle of the forest when she is going back to the lake from the police. Then the police confirm that the boy was her missing child via a DNA test. A doctor deducts what Ajay has gone through for six-years according to the bruises and his condition.

Rhythm and her husband take him to their house with a warm welcome from their friends. Ajay is so scared he is not talking to anyone. Ajay's biological father wants to meet him in a cafe. So Rhythm took him Ajay Freezes when he saw someone in the cafe. So she figured out that could be the kidnapper and started to follow him. Meanwhile, Ajay went missing with help her dog his father finds him and finally, with some suspense everything is fine.

One night, Rhythm found that her son is singing a nursery Rhyme. To listen to it, she came to Ajay's room and found out the kidnapper was just right behind the door. Kidnapper got inside the house and talked to the boy in sign language. After the conversation, Keerthy Suresh hit the kidnapper with a rod on his head, his Charlie Chaplin mask fell on the ground but she was unable to find him.

A few days later, Keerthy's dog disappeared from her car while she was struck in the traffic. So, she started to search for her dog and found a few internal organs of human beings. Her dog followed the scent and reaches the doctor's house, who is treating Ajay. Keerthy uncovered that he is butchering the innocent children and calls the police.

A little silly game starts between the doctor and Keerthy, which is foolish and disappointing. Immediately, the kidnapper is revealed and Keerthy Suresh has to decide between her two children to save. With the help of a dog, she successfully solves it.

Overall, I am totally disappointed after the kidnapper is revealed. The reason stated by the kidnapper is recently used in Telugu movie HIT. The character of Keerthy Suresh in a depressed mother role is heart touching and she did carry the whole film on the shoulder by herself. But showing her as an intelligent- crime-solving mother is too much and way out of reality. I love that dog.

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