H.I.T (2020) : Movie Live Blog

H.I.T (2020) : Movie Live Blog
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H.I.T (2020) Homicide Intervention Team: The First Case is directed by Sailesh Kolanu. Vishwak Sen Naidu Played a lead role, Ruhani Sharma as a lead actress. Murali Sharma and Hari Teja Played key roles. 

The main storyline revealed in the trailer. A short sneak peek video of 4 mins which is released by the team on their youtube channel raised the curiosity in the film. In 2014 Director Shekar Kammula released a first 15 minutes of Aanamika (2014) through tv9 during promotions just two days before the movie launch.


A girl named Preethi is missing who was last seen by Ibrahim(Murali Sharma). Due to misbehaviour with her parents, he gets suspended. Vikram (Vishwak sen)  who is in 6 months leave due to serious panic attacks gets a call that his girlfriend Neha (Ruhani Sharma) is missing. He starts investigating about her girlfriend. Vikram finds that there is some connection between the missing girl Preethi and his girlfriend Neha. 

So he starts investigating about Preethi in her college and around the house where she lives. While investigating Vikram finds clues about the Preethi and found that she is dead. To find about his girlfriend, Vikram with the help of Ibrahim tries to finds about the killer. In action, Ibrahim dies taking a bullet to the chest. 

With some interesting twists and backdrop story of Preethi at the orphanage the movie ends.

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