Wild Dog movie review

The movie begins with a bomb blast in a bakery. To investigate this case, Hemant (Atul Kulkarni) proposes Vijay Varma aka Wild Dog (A Nagarjuna), to the state home minister. 

Vijay Varma and his team begin to investigate the case and finds clues, which leads to the criminals who placed the bomb in the bakery. To show the protagonist behaviour, he recklessly shoots the criminal who is ready to surrender.

As the protagonist's methods are obnoxious, the fellow policemen call him Wild Dog. With the help of valuable information, the team lead by Vijay tries to capture the mastermind behind the attacks. But, the plan failed due to the intervention of the local policemen.

With a piece of information from trusted sources, the team came to know that Khalid is hiding in Nepal with help of local politicians. 

The Vijay's requested permission for a mission to extract the terrorist from Nepal but, the government officials didn't allow it.

Obviously, the team went for a covert operation, with the great struggle, the team lead by Vijay Verma successfully took the terrorist into custody and crossed the Indian border by creating a good diversion to the mole inside the department.

The action scenes are managed with intense background music. The actual action scenes are dull as if the movie is made by YouTubers to show their talent in making films.

The recoiling of guns in the movie is a bit of comedy. You can see a better gun recoiling effect in multiplayer and battle royale games. In this movie, the guns are pointed in one direction and the bullet hits the target accurately.

If you are a movie buff, you can easily predict the plot and can connect it to older films. The film seems to be in a rush from start to end.

My sincere advice to the filmmakers, you guys are shooting in 8k nowadays. Please use the good prop guns and don't act the recoiling effect. We can do it with an ₹100 prop gun at home with kids.

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