The Falcon and the winter Solider: Episode 2 The Star Spangled Man Review

After getting the shield back, the government announced a new Captain America based on the merit list among the super soldiers. The new Captain America gets a lot of publicity and the government invested a lot in him.

Bucky Barnes is against the decision taken by Wilson, so Bucky confronts Wilson about the shield while he is going on a mission to stop an online rouge group of superhumans. At the end of the discussion, Bucky also joins the mission.

They both fought on the plane like kids on the plane and during the mission, which is funny to watch. When they finally intercept the rouge group, the Falcon and Winter soldier are really struggling to keep up with them. The new Captain America and his sidekick come to the rescue and they failed too.

While going to the airport, the new Captain America and his sidekick offered a lift to the Falcon and Winter Soldier. Initially, they refused but they agreed. After a few minutes, they both left the car midway due to some issues between them.

Now Wilson and Bucky are just alone without any help. So, they turned to another old black superhero of Korean wartime but he too rejected them.

Meanwhile, police arrested Bucky Barnes for missing the therapy session due to the mission. The therapy scene from the trailer happens in this episode. The whole therapy session is funny and interesting in its own way.

Overall, this episode is as good as the previous one. You can watch the second episode on Disney plus Hotsar even with a VIP subscription in regional languages.

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