The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 1

This series begins where it started, do you remember at the end of  Avengers Endgame, the old Steve Rogers gave the shield to Falcon. But, Falcon decided to give the shield to the Captain America museum. 

Bucky Barnes pardoned of his crimes that he committed with a condition to visiting the therapist regularly. Even though he is getting some awkward nightmares, he preferred not to share the information with the therapist.

Falcon successfully completed his mission in the Middle East, where he needs to stop the captain from getting kidnapped by a local militia. And finds about another group robbing banks.

After the Blip, Sam tries hard to save his remaining family, his sister Sarah and her two sons as they are on the verge of selling their boat due to financial problems. 

Sam convinced Sarah to take a loan from the bank to start a business, but, the bank declined to offer the loan due to poor financials. 

At the end of the episode, there is an announcement about the new Captain America.

Overall, this episode is all about the transitions of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson into normal life after six months of the Blip. This series is just a normal one and can be easily understood, unlike the WandaVision.

This episode is available in Disney Plus Hotstar even with a VIP subscription. The next episode will be aired on 26th March 2021. The show is available at 12:30 PM IST on Disney plus Hotstar.

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