Raya and the Last Dragon Review

Raya and the Last Dragon Review

Disney is good at telling stories and even good at showing those stories on the screen with a happy ending. Disney also has a reputation for making heart touching stories, Raya and the Last Dragon is also gone under this category. 

Coming to the plot, dragons are living along with humans harmoniously. In those dragons, there are five of them are powerful dragons who basically look after the earth. One day, plague-like creatures started to attack humans and turn them into stones by sucking their souls. 

All the dragons fought against the plague and failed. Even the dragons turned into stones. A dragon called Sisu saved humanity by concentrating all her powers into a crystal ball and blasted it. All the humans were returned back to normal but the dragons were not.

Kumandra, once a prospers land divided into five tribes those are called as Fangs, Heart, Spine, Tails and Talon. Every tribe wants the crystal ball of the last dragon. But this crystal ball is secretly kept hidden in the land of Hearts. Chief Benja of the Heart tribe invited the remaining four tribes for lunch, so they can be together as before. 

The daughter of the Fang tribe reveals the secret location of the crystal to her tribe to steal it when Raya shows her the secret location. All the tribes found the secret location and fought for the crystal. In this process, the crystal broke into five pieces each tribe took a piece and ran when the plague returns.

Raya, the daughter of chief Benja, found the last dragon based on her instincts and tries to reunite all the five pieces to create the crystal again to destroy the plague. The remaining plot is how she managed to get all the parts of the crystal with the help of friends she made in the process to bring peace and harmony to the land.

What I love in this movie is the kid who's the captain of a big restaurant boat and the little girl with monkeys who happens to steals from the Raya when shes on the quest to gather all the species of the crystal and finally the tuk-tuk, pet of Raya. The made the movie a whole lot of fun and interesting to watch this movie. Let's not forget the star of the movie the Last dragon Awkwafina's. Her voice to the dragon suits the style and humour of the character. 

Overall, the film clearly shows the East Asians culture as you can find a lot of contexts in the film. The plot, comedy and Disney's narration and animation with a lot of girl power in the movie are the plus points. I think the movie is hurried a bit faster from the start to the end. If you missed a five minutes part at any given point you will kind of feel harder to follow.

If you want to watch it in India, you need to visit a nearby theatre or you need to wait till June to stream without paying extra on Disney plus hotstar premium account. Yes, you need to pay extra even though you have a Disney plus hotstar premium subscription according to gadgets 360.

I would rate a strong 7 for this film.

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