Rang De Movie Review

Arjun (Nithin) and  Anu (Keerthy Suresh) are neighbours from childhood. Anu grabbed all the attention of Arjun parents, once she moved next to them. 

Anu is the ideal child among his peer for everyone, as she is good at everything and tell on him. This made Arjun second favourite to his own parents.

Anu completed engineering but Arjun has five backlogs at the end of four years. She did tell again about his marks to his parents, as usual, they scolded him. 

After revaluation, he completes everything. Somewhere in this process, Anu falls in love with Arjun, but he didn't even consider as a fellow human being.

One day, Arjun sister came from Canada and encourages Anu to write the GMAT exam to join MBA in Canada. But her mother discourages and told her to be ready for the marriage.

Meanwhile, Arjun tries to cheat the exam and he succeeded. Anu convinces her mother and secretly writes the exam without knowing Arjun and scores one extra mark.

The agent tries to convince Arjun to another university rather than the university preferred by his sister and he almost succeded. His assistant slips Arjun nemisis name by mistake.

To make her drop from the seat, Arjun encourages Anu's mother to get her married. At the last moment of her marriage, she ran towards Arjun and hugs him. After that she get married to him in the register office.

The second half opens with a bang, that turns everything upside down and some how they both get managed to get the seats in the same university.  

The remaining plot is how they fought their way to be happy couple? how their parents help understand and handle the situation? 

The whole movie's plot is simple and the director extend the running time with a lot of comedy which actually worked and I really enjoyed watching the movie.The selfishness of the Arjun might make sense for few and not for others. 

Overall, the movie makes you laugh and fell all the emotions when you come out of the theatre. Eventhough, the plot is simple and predictable the comedy makes you sit patiently with laughter by the movie completes. The acting of keerthy suresh and the hero side kicks are good and noticeable.

I would rate 7/10. 

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