Manifest Season 3 first five minutes

 Manifest is a 2018 Tv Series where a plane and its passengers disappear in the mid-air and return after five years without ageing.  

The first season is all about, how the passengers, their relatives, the world cope with the news of them returning. 

Meanwhile, a kid in the group started to see things. They call it "callings". Slowly, one by one in the plane started to have these. A police officer and his brother can solve the missing, murder and all sorts of cases with help of these callings.

The government tries to coverup a few secrets but the protagonist tries to uncover them and eventually they failed.

The whole season keeps you engaged till the end with thrilling scenes and excitement. Once you started to like this series you will definitely binge-watch the whole two seasons in a weekend.

NCB has just released the first five minutes of season three. The new season to be aired on the 1st of April 2021. 

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