Jathi Ratnalu Movie review

The movie begins with Naveen Polishetty choosing to go to Hyderabad after seeing his friend is been appreciated by the villages for his new job as a floor manager in a corporate company. 

But his father, Tanikella Bharani, asked  "why do you need a job in a new city? When you are a good salesman in our own ladies emporium".

Naveen argued with his father and asked for two months deadline to get a job in the city. If he didn't get a job then he would be back in the rebranded ladies emporium. 

Naveen and his friends Priyadarshi and Rahul Rama Krishna start their journey towards Hyderabad in an old yellow Maruti 800 in search of a better life and respect.

Priyadarshi is good at cooking food while Rama Krishna just drinks all day long.

Naveen, after meeting his friend, realized that he manages the house cleaners for an apartment. Naveen blackmailed him to get an empty apartment for two months.

After solving their accommodation and food, Naveen started to search for jobs. A lot of the interviewers rejected him for his marks and lack of experience. 

Meanwhile, Naveen tries to impress the debutant actress, Faria Abdullah which worked.

One day, all three crashed a politicians birthday party for free booze and food with Faria at their apartment.

After a few minutes into the party, they were arrested for killing the politician who is about to take oath as the state sports minister.

The remaining plot is how they managed to get out of the case and learned the value of their existing lives.

Overall, the comedy with perfect timing is a huge plus point. The courtroom scene, the actual reason behind shooting the minister and Naveen, Rahul, Priyadarshi and the debutant heroine Farah Adbullah's scenes are astounding.

I really liked the reaction of Vennela Kishore after he found out that these three debut case is murder and Farah Abdullah as a rookie lawyer in the court are my favourite scenes.  A lot of the scenes in the movie are quite hilarious and unexpected.

The only question that is still buzzing me is what happened to Subhalekha Sudhakar and his company? Even though his role is minute, his character weights in the movie.

I would rate strong 8 of 10 for the movie. I will be watching this movie again.

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