Formula 1 Drive To Survive: Season 3

Formula 1 is one of the oldest motorsports where 10 teams and 20 drivers drive to win races throughout the year. The team with the most points win the constructors trophy for making the reliable and remarkable car in the tournament. The driver with the most points wins the f1 world driver championship trophy.

Formula 1 is for billionaires and multi-billionaires as it is one of the costly sport in the world. Our once Indian liquor-king owned a team in the F1, recently sold to another after money laundering allegations.

If you are a fan of Formula 1, you might probably be seen or follow the news on every event that is happened in F1 last year. Formula 1 Drive to Survive: Season 3 is basically just a sneak peek behind the walls of the F1 teams like previous seasons.

In this season, the most interesting and jaw-dropping moment is Romain Grosjean's accident in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Where he literally walked out from the big ball of fire after hitting the barrier with 56G's of force. The interview of him and his wife in episode 9, is what I am waiting for since the trailer launch last month.

Teams protesting against the Mercedes DAS system, Ferrari's 2019 engine undisclosed settlement and the Racing Point's brake ducts behind the closed wall scenes are shown.

Some Important issues shown are Teammates rivalries, Hamilton's Penalties, Pierre Gasly's maiden podium, Ferrari's lack of power, Sebastian Vettel joining a new team after announcing it on Ferrari's 1000 GP race. Drivers deciding to get their seats reserved in 2021.

What I missed the most is the team William's in this series. As the team is sold to a capital fund in midseason the team got some traction. George Russell, William's driver, got too much attention after replacing the Lewis Hamilton place in the Mercedes car and failed to secure a podium sue to bad luck. These major events are not showed in any part of this series.

Overall, I really enjoyed the series and this series is like a recap to the 2020 season before the 2021 season. Netflix is really made it interestingly like a thriller movie.

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