Aranya Movie Review

Narendra Bhupathi (Rana Daggubati), a president awardee for single-handedly planting acres of forest. So, the villagers in that area started calling him Aranya. He can understand the birds and all the animals around him as he grew there from his childhood.

One day, a group of men came into the reserved forest area for surveying the land to construct a brand new township, a dream of the forest minister. When the contractor about to start the work with fake documents and permission certificates, Aranya intervenes with them and tell them to stop the work but they didn't stop. 

The next day a group of elephants attacked the workers as they are building in the path of their daily routine. The contractor hired a mahot to drive away the wild elephants away from the site.

With help of a forest officer, Aranya managed to find the documents which state that his grandfather owns the land and donated it to the government to look after the forest and produced it to the national green tribunal. The court gave the order to halt the construction. In this scene you can find the chasing scene that show in the trailer.

The contractor started to work even there is a stay order. The forest officer cheats Aranya and sends him to jail for things he didn't do. From there the story goes wild like the 90's era with trocher and things.

The remaining plot is how Aranya with help of a reporter saved the forest by protesting and spreading awareness among the people. Overall, the movie showed how a man with serious emotions with nature from the childhood saved it by any means with a message to save the lungs of the earth. 

I would rate 7/10 for the message and Rana's acting. There are few points in the movie with missing links. Everyone can easily notice that at the end of the movie

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