WandaVision: third and fourth episode review

After watching the first two episodes, there are so many easter eggs and clues to guess what might happen in the next episode. There are some serious clues which really change your perspective after watching third and fourth episodes.

Episode 3: Now in color

Wanda gives birth to two twins in a day. The whole episode is about how wanda experienced the child birth and the comedy around it is good.Vision gets a doctor for checkup, after he left the baby bump gets bigger and bigger in just two hours a perfect twins are born. Geraldine helps Wanda during birth, immediately after that Wanda suspects her and threw her out of the town. 

If you closely observe, the background where Vision is talking to Agnes and Herb is a wallpaper. Only the wall and the plants are original. 

Episode 4: We interrupt this program

This episode is the episode where, your doubts will be clarified. In this episode, you will see some familiar faces from the main Marvel world a physisicst from Thor, an FBI agent from AntMan. And you will find how Gerealdine went inside the energy field that is created by the Wanda. How the S.W.O.R.D team get there and how did they find the broadcasting that we are seeing.

Moreover, this episode just shows the what already happened. 

The fifth episode might be interesting as it might show what happened next after Wanda threw Geraldine out of the West View. One thing that interests me in this whole WandaVision series is the commercials that comes in between according to the timeline and things that are used. 

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