WandaVision: Sixth Episode Review

This episode begins at the time of preparations for Halloween celebrations in the Wanda controlled Westview after Pietro arrives. The twins and Pietro are busy selecting the costumes for their first Halloween night. 

Vision escapes the party to enquire about the odd behaviour of the people inside the Westview and sees most depressing scenes at the edge of the town and finds Agnes trying to leave the town. 

Meanwhile, outside the HEX, Rambeau, Darcy Lewis and Woo were removed forcefully from the operations tent by the S.W.O.R.D director Tyler Hayward after a heated argument.

After talking to Agnes, Vision tries to come out of the HEX. While he is coming out of it, Vision is hurting as bad as hell and falls on the ground. On the other hand, the twins get to know their powers in this mess. The good twin alerts the Wanda about the Vision, Wanda starts to increase the HEX beyond the Westview.

Whenever Wanda tries to interrogate his brother Pietro with childhood quiz, he escapes it every time when she does it. Pietro from the Avengers Ultron is different from the WandaVision. This difference is identified by the Darcy Lewis while watching it from the command centre.

Overall, after seeing this episode the clues are getting clearer and clearer. As usual there is a commercial this episode too. But this time I am not able to connect this commercial to the marvel universe. If you found out comment down below.

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