WandaVision: First and Second episode review

The first and second episodes are just a basic comedy sitcom's where Wanda and Vision try to hide their powers and try to fit in the normal world.


First episode: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

In Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) got married and started a new life in a town called Westview, New Jersy. Vision works as a data processor in a company. Arthur Hart (Fred Melamed) Vision's boss is invited for dinner at their house. How Vision and Wanda tried hard to hide their powers and how they managed to impress Arthur Hart family with dinner. Don't forget to watch for the clue at the end.

Second Episode: Don't Touch That Dial 

In the second episode, Wanda Vision tries to impress everyone in the community with a magic show. Vision mess a few things but Wanda improvises them. Wanda observers a few things that are really weird and frightens her. Then the screenplay rewinds back and changes completely different direction.

 In this episode also there are few easter eggs which are irrelevant for now but are useful. There are few commercials in this episode which really makes this Marvel series authentic and exciting.

Well, the first two episodes are just a sitcom with few clues to find out what's really happening with Wanda and Vision. Just for these episodes, they are really good.

After seeing the first episode, you will actually feel that this 60's sitcom is good than what you expect and I thought that the HYDRA is controlling Wanda and Vision in there sleep to extract something they need.

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