The White Tiger: A Netflix Movie with good analogies

The movie begins with Balram (Adarsh Govrav) writing an email to a Chinese official who is going to visit India in a few days. Balram describes everything that happened in his life and how he managed to be a successful entrepreneur from a boy working in a tea stall in a small village called Laxmangarh.

Balram loves studying and he is good in English among his peers in the government school. A teacher promised him a good education in Delhi with a full scholarship. But his grandmother (Kamalesh Gill), orders him to work in a tea stall to earn money and support the family at the age of eleven.

Balram's father (Satish Kumar) died after a few months due to tuberculosis, as there is no doctor available in the nearest hospital to his village. Balram struck a deal with his granny that he will make her the richest lady in the whole Laxmangarh if she allowed him to become a driver for a rich family. 

Balram able to score the job as a driver to that rich family Using his English and knowledge. Ashok (Rajkummar Rao) is happy with him, but his uncle Mukesh (Vijay Maurya) is unhappy and happens to doubt him. Mukesh enquired about him and his family with the help of locals and certifies him.

Balram slowly starting to move up the ladder from the second driver to first. One day, the family has run into a tax fraud problem and trying their best to solve. Ashok and his wife Pinky (Priyanka Chopra) went to Delhi on road with his Uncle Mukesh to bribe everyone to oversee the tax fraud.

On Pinky's birthday at 3 am, she hit a man and fled the scene. To handle the situation, everyone forced Balram to sign an affidavit saying he is the one who hit and fled. That's when Balram started to climb the ladder fast. He wants to make more money, his eyes are laid the red bag that is used to carry the money to bribe the officials.

The remaining plot is how Balram managed to kill Ashok and fled with the money and his nephew away from his family and Ashok's family. How he started his own white tiger taxi company by using Ashok's playbook.

Overall, the movie is dark and showed how a lower caste driver in a small village of the biggest democracy in the world fought for uplifting his life with quite good analogies and examples. No wonder this book is NewYork Times best selling.

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