Space Sweepers/Seungriho : A Netflix Korean Space thriller

The film is set in 2092, as the earth is poisonous and plants are not growing anymore selected humans are living up in the space. A Space station called UTS is built by an ultra-rich man James Sullivan who's intentions is to destroy the earth and move the selected humans to Mars.

A revolution is started among the non selected humans to save the earth called Blackfoxes. But these activists are marked as terrorists in the UTS. With the help of a robot, a four-member team hunt for the space debris to make money. This victory team is headed by Captain Jang, ship piloted by Tae-ho and the engine is maintained by Tiger Park.

This four-member crew including the robot are the badass in collecting large space debris. Everyone in the crew is in need of money but they couldn't manage. One day they found a large space ship drifting in the space. The team victory got it while searching they found a little girl. Everyone thought that she is a robot called Dorthy. 

As the UTS marked the child robot Dorthy is dangerous and can self destruct as its main aim is to create violence. The victory crew tries to cash in by selling her, but their plans fail.

The UTS head J Sullivan is trying to kill the little girl by nuking her as the kid possess a power to heal the earth. How the victory crew manages to save the kid and connects with her father is the remaining story.

If you watched this movie you can draw similarities with Disney's Monster Inc animation movie. The storyline in the movies is similar. The fighting scenes in the space are similar to Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy.

Overall, the movie develops good emotions at first and run along with it. The swag of the captain Jang, the innocence of the little girl, Tae-ho's sentimental background story highlights to this film. But few scenes are absurd which might make you feel as the regular old movie. 

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