Finding Ohana : A Netflix kids treasure hunting movie

Pili (Kea Peahu) a 12-year old who loves playing geocaching. Geocaching is similar to treasure hunting but you can use global positioning satellite (GPS) while hunting the treasure. The film begins with Pili hunting for treasure in the middle of busy Brooklyn streets. Obviously, she and her partner won against a couple of kids.

Pili's mom Leilani (Kelly Hu) planned a surprise trip to their grandfather's house in Hawaii. Pili had missed her school camping trip because of this. Ioane (Alex Aiono) Pilli's brother also not interested in going to Hawaii Island. 

As the three of them reached there, Ioane and Pili started to fight. Leilani couldn't find her father Kimo (Branscombe Richmond) in the house. She started to search for him in the backyard. Kimo is up the ladder plucking the fresh fruits from the trees.

Leilani and Kimo fighting for climbing the ladder as it's against the doctor's orders. Meanwhile, Pili found a trailer that is locked at the front. She found a window where she can enter and snooped inside and found a journal that is hidden in a false drawer.

While she is escaping from his grandfather, she found Casper (Owen Vaccaro) who is around the same age strolling an obese cat. He saved Pili from her grandfather. Pili started to read the journal with Casper and found that there is a hidden treasure on the island according to the journal written by Monks (Ricky Garcia). He wrote the journal to identify the treasures hiding place.

Leilani found that his father is not paying the house tax for five years. As he is in trouble, she told Ioane that she is considering selling the apartment in the NewYork and move here. Pili and Ionae rejected the idea. Meanwhile, Pili confirmed that the book is true and the hidden treasure is real.

Pilli and Casper went on their own to find the treasure and help Kimo. Ioane found his sister and her friend Casper is missing and with the help of Hana (Lindsay Watson) Casper's sister went to look for them.

The remaining plot is how they managed to find the treasure with the help of the dairy, how the dairy got there in the first place, how the treasure ended up there and what happened to the pirate who put the treasure there. 

Overall, the young cast is quite good. I really liked the Casper character and his obese cat. In a scene where Casper gives his whole shirt for Pili is hilarious and the twists at the ending are really worth watching. But you will definitely think that movie is going too far and ridiculous at the same time. 

I would rate 6/10 

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