Twitter is introducing birdwatch to fight against fake news

At some point, fake news might mislead you. Recently, it took lives in the United States of America during the capitol riots.

To fight against these misleading tweets on Twitter, the company has announced a new feature call the Birdwatch

If you want to fight against the fake news you can register at

After registering, you can report the misleading tweet using the birdwatch option. And you can show the source to your argument and send it to Twitter.

Twitter will mark it as misleading or delete the tweet if your side of the argument is correct. Just like the previous US president's tweets.

The code behind the birdwatch is made public on GitHub to show the feature is transparent. You can check the code:

Twitter has released a video explaining how the birdwatch works.

If this feature is available, the social media giant might just make a big move to fight the misinformation on the internet.

This feature is only available in the United States. Let's hope this feature is available in India soon.

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