Super Over: A thrilling short movie

Naveen Chandra as Kasi is in financial trouble, wants to earn money quickly, so started to bet on cricket matches and won 1 crore 75 lakhs. Kasi and his friends go to collect the money but an excepted problem came in between them.

The movie starts with a car chase, where Kasi and his friends flee in a car from the police. With a voiceover, the movie goes back to two months. The first 50 minutes of the movie is on repeat with three different points of views from a cricket betting bookie, Police officer and Kasi.

The movie has a simple story with tense music and little comedy. With fewer characters, the cast of the film has really done their roles well. Cricket bookies and their tension behind the screen is shown well in the movie, that's somewhat new to me. That briefcase full of phones and taking bets is interesting and realistic.

Overall the movie is exciting and makes you stick it to your seats. Chandini Chowdary, Naveen Chandra and Praveen Varma are really done well. Ajay's in a police role is kinda dull to me. The half baked ending might lead to another movie.

This movie's story takes place in a single night, I am impressed with the camera work than the movie's story. The twists are predictable and not impacted me.

I would again watch this movie as many times just for that beautiful background music. I would rate 6/10 for the movie.

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