Run Hide Fight : A good thriller to watch

Run Hide Fight : A good thriller to watch

Just before days to prom, during a lunch break, a white wan crashes into the school cafeteria. Tristan Voy, the school's student, took the cafeteria and few of his classmate's hostage, with the help his friends. 

Earlier that day while going to school with his best friend Lewis, who is about to ask her for prom, Zoe Hull noticed that same white van in the fields, where one of Tristan's friend is placing a can in the middle of the dry fields.

During the class, Zoe noticed dark smokes coming from the direction of fields. She didn't take that seriously. During the lunch break, Zoe noticed the Prom invitation from Lewis in her locker and got furious. She just lost her mother to cancer and she is not in the mood for the prom.

Lewis asked Zoe whether she opened her locker and saw the invitation. While arguing with Lewis Zoe's jacket got stained with food. She left to the washroom to clean that. Meanwhile, Tristan and his friends crashed into the school's cafeteria and started to shoot a few students.

While everyone was under control, he ordered every to Livestream it to the social media platforms. In the washroom, Zoe saw Anna Jelick Tristan's girlfriend doing something fishy in the toilet ceiling. After she left, Zoe starts to search it and found nothing there.

A few minutes later, Zoe found her fellow schoolmate was shot and running into the toilet to save herself. She tried to save the seriously injured student but she is dead.

To escape from the situation, Zoe climbed the ventilation and started to crawl to get out of the building through a ventilator shaft, but the ceiling collapsed in the school's kitchen.

To find what caused the sound, a shooter checked the kitchen. A teacher gave up her life to save Zoe's life. Somehow she managed to come out of the school and started to warn others. 

In the cafeteria, Lewis is live streaming the video focusing Tristan. Suddenly, one of his friends fire at police. The media started to covering the school. Tristan snd his friends happen to have a plan, but it was not shown clearly in the movie.

The remaining plot is how Zoe rescued the whole school with help of friends and family and how did she defeated her fellow school mate and shooter Tristan.

Overall, I find this film ending is predictable but the movie is nail biting and holds you to your seats till the end. A few scenes are kind of outrageous and some of them far away from reality. But I would watch this movie again and recommend to my friends. 

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I rate 7/10 

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