Rouge City / Bronx (2020): Movie Review

Rouge City (2020): Movie Review


Marseille. Richard Vronsky (Lannick Gautry), a pain unit policeman with unorthodox techniques, is in charge of investigating a slaughter at a pub on the beach. Gang battle mixes with policemen prisoners and corruption that seems to dot everyone. A new director, Divisional Commissioner Angel Leonetti (Jean Reno) comes to order the city and overlook the police agitators. Dishonesty, record adjustments and dirty business are blended in this policeman commanded by Oliver Marchal, a retired policeman-turned-actor and director known in Argentina for his film.

The film is shown in his representation of tired cops, broken by years of work and for showing his story surpassing his duty. But he gets complicated up with a plot of many twists and many characters who deceive each other. Several well-achieved action scenes keep the film up and down, even with the aforementioned twists. In addition to Jean Reno, she also plays a mobster GĂ©rard Lanvin and the film affords to have nothing less than Claudia Cardinale as a matriarch of one of the criminal gangs. A tough cop movie with the city of Marseille as a background.

The Netflix thriller is certainly not a movie to watch in order to perhaps develop a positive worldview. For entertainment, it is quite fit for this plan. Specifically, because terms such as integrity and honesty and law turn out to be very stretchy, tension advances from this. One is just expecting for gangs in Marseille sit on the back of someone else, to spun any attachments or for a great betrayal. This can also be fatal. Of the many characters presented at the start, there will be significantly less at the end of the body count is pushed up by firearms or other home remedies. One does not even take into account when innocent people stand by and are traumatized forever.

Rating: 6/10

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