Prospect (2018): A run for life

Teenager Cee (Sophie Thatcher) travels with her father Damon (Jay Duplass) in the vastness of space. Both are the harvesters of a special kind of pearl. These pearls are more precious in the universe of the small family as the gold on our earth. The two are currently on their way to a planet on which mercenaries want to have identified a rich occurrence of pearls.

But landing on the planet goes wrong and, Cee and her father are far off the course. Also, their spaceship is damaged. As they both explore the surroundings, strangers also appear. Ezra (Pedro Pascal) kills Cees's Father Damon in a matter of conflict between them. The situation escalates and, Cee fleed the scene and goes back to the landing site. 

Erza follows her back to to the ship. Cee shots him with a kinetic gun while entering the ship. After a lengthy discussion, They both made a deal to evenly the split the profits by selling the big pearl after successful harvesting. 

Cee is directing the route and Erza followed. At a certain point, the wound on the right hand started to get worse. A kid from the local habitation showed the way to his village. Locals offered help, medicine and some pearls in return to the girl.

The girl started to run away from them. After running for a few minutes, she heard a broadcast through the radio and found a tent. Erza is waiting for her in the tent. After amputating the infected hand, both of them started to travel towards their destination.

The mercenaries are waiting for them at their to harvest the rare pearl. Erza and Cee bargains for transportation in their ship. At first, mercenaries ignored the deal and finally agreed to give lift after harvesting. How the events turned out at last and how they managed to leave the toxic moon is the remaining story.

Overall, the story is good but slow and need more patience to watch the entire movie. There are no emotions of the Cee after the death of her father. The father-daughter relationship replaced by Cee's much more credible relationship with the mysterious stranger Ezra.

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