PFPMaker Creates An Awesome Profile Picture Using AI

PFPMaker Creates An Awesome Profile Picture Using AI

PFPMaker helps you to create a professional profile pic with the help of Artificial Intelligence. When a photo is uploaded, it creates different types of pics by removing the existing background of the pic and adds patterns and colour in the image background to make your profile pic looks good. 

The patterns are limited but, you can choose any colour from the RGB picker. After creating, it allows you to download as many pictures you want for free and, the site doesn't have any annoying advertisements. 

As for the privacy concerns, PFPMaker will delete the photo you uploaded automatically from the server when you complete downloading and, they don't store or re-sell the user data to 3rd parties, according to their blog post.

You can view a few of the samples from their official Instagram page. All the feature available now will be free forever and to keep it afloat the makers will be adding new paid features soon.

If you think any feature is missing from the website, you can send the team a message by clicking on the Request Feature button on the right bottom corner of your screen.

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View the demo video from PFPMaker Youtube.

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