Love And Anarchy (2020) : A Swedish Netflix Original

Love And Anarchy (2020) :  A Swedish Netflix Original

Sofie Rydman (Ida Engvoll) is an independent consultant. She is freshly hired by the Lund & Lagerstedt, an Orthodox publishing house, to help them go digital. She is ambitious and career-driven, married with two children.

 At her new office, Sofie meet's Max, a young IT technician (Björn Mosten) and had a brawl on the first day. Max records Sofie while she is pleasuring herself in her office after at night. Max blackmails her to him to buy lunch for him and in return, delete the videos. What begins as a form of blackmail quickly turns into a game of dares. 

Sofie and Max challenge each other to do silly things. However, as their challenges escalate, so do the consequences of those challenges. Slowly, they started to fall in love with each other. But she wants to have a perfect family with her husband. 

On the one hand, Sofie tries hard to balance her home life with an unstable father, uncaring husband and a socially confused teenager and, on the other hand, she handles the resistance to change after a streaming company acquires the publishing company. 

The remaining plot is what happens to the publishing company and, Who did Sofie choose?

In the eight episodes of this seasons, there is a comedy, love, sadness and every emotion you need. You can complete this season in one sitting as each episode lengths only thirty minutes each.

Every supporting character in this series has its fair share of screen time. The boss, who only wants glory for him and his company. A colleague who is unwilling to go digital, the receptionist who takes everything lightly.

Overall, this season is streamable, and it's best to watch with your counterparts on a good evening. The chemistry between the Ida Engvoll and Björn Mosten is also the thing to notice in this series. And there is news that there will be a second season. Be advised this series only for age above 18.

My Rating 7/10

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