Kaali Khuhi (2020): A hard to Understand Horror Film

Kaali Kuhi (2020): A hard to understand ghost story

The plot begins with a drunk old-man opening an old cursed well with a hammer in between the paddy fields in a small village in Punjab. Then a few villagers started to interact with a little girl at awkward places and times. After a similar incident to Shivangi's grandmother, she fell sick due to the shock. Darshan (Satyadeep Mishra), his wife Priya (Sanjeeda Sheikh) and his daughter Shivangi (Riva Arora) went to the village to help his mother recover. 

Satya Maasi (Shabana Azmi) and Chandini (Rose Rathod), a 10-year-old girl lives next to Darshan's mother. While two 10-year-old's are Playing the following morning, Chandini showed a dairy of her Aunt Satya. In that book, Satya Maasi recorded the horrible events that happened during her young age. Every story is different, and everyone ended up dead in the same way.

Darshan's mother also died in the same way after seeing a young girl in her house. On the way to the cremation ground, the corpse caught fire and burnt to ashes. Until this point, the story goes slowly and smoothly with suspenseful background music from Daniel B. George. 

After getting drunk, Darshan comes to the house and saw a girl in the red dress going upstairs. He follows her. she tries to kill him by strangling with a thread. Meanwhile, Shivangi heard some noises and followed her dad to the upstairs. The girl in the red dress disappears at the exact moment when Shivangi enters the room. Darshan thinks that Shivangi is trying to kill him and attacks her. 

After a few paranormal incidents later, Darshan falls from the first floor. Soon after that, Priya got sick with a high fever.  Everyone in the village thinks that the old curse is back. Chandini and Shivangi went to buy medicines for her mother. Everyone lined up before pharmacist to get prescription tablets. 

A photo of Darshan and his mother lead him towards the very same well that is causing the deaths in the village and ends up dying like others. Shivangi confronted Satya Maasi to tell the story behind the deaths and told her she is the only one who can save the remaining family.

The ending is a big negative for this film, its a bit confusing and you might lose the interest that developed from the start. To understand this climax either you need to watch the movie twice or, you need to search in the google for help. Once you understood, what you are seeing or what you saw, you might say it's not a bad movie after all.

Overall, the movie is, good, if you understand the ending. This movie will give you goosebumps definitely when you watch it during the night. This movie tried to show that killing just born female kids by green slime and throwing them in the well is a sin and their souls haunt you for life. Riva Arora's acting performance is noticeable.

My rating would be 6/10. (Hey! I understood the climax after watching it for two times.)

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