Gatham (2020): A Good Suspense Thriller

Gatham (2020): A Good Suspense Thriller

Gatham starts with a long ariel shot in deep snowy American woods, where two people run for their life were shot from behind. After a few moments later, Rishi (Rakesh Galebhe) woke up in a hospital with dementia after a horrible accident. Adithi (Poojitha Kuraparthi), claimed Rishi's girlfriend, helps him to get discharged from the hospital and drives him back to his home.

Rakesh Gaebhe voice sounds similar to the actor Vijaya Devearakinda. I thought he was the voice for the actor, but no.

Rishi wants to meet his father to check why he didn't come to visit him in the hospital. So, Aditi and Rishi started to drive. In the midway, the car breaks down. Arjun (Bhargava Poludasu) being a good samaritan offers them shelter and, a called the local mechanic. 

After watching the first thirty minutes, I thought it's the same routine story where a couple is trapped in the stranger's house who are desperately trying to escape. After that, with a few turns in the plot, changes how you think of this movie. From then on, the film starts to get interesting.

Suddenly, the protagonist and villain change their roles. As part of the protagonist mission, he needs to get information about a human being from the villain before its too late. How he succeeded to find his loving human is the remaining plot.

After seeing the full movie, the first thirty minutes make sense and have meaning for few obscene behaviours towards woman, close-up shots and some gruesome shots with a dead body.

Overall, the film is fine and exciting to watch till the end. But all the characters in the film are Americans who can speak fluent Telugu and, the foreign girls shown the same as the way like any other Telugu movie. Few Telugu film enthusiasts in America with no big cast or names nor any advertisements the team made a good suspense movie with an all-new crew.  

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