Dash and Lilly: A Netflix Original Series

Dash and Lilly: A Netflix Original Series

Dash and Lilly is a strange series where leads don't meet until the end but exchange their thoughts, insecurities and dare each other to overcome their insecurities through a red book. Both the female and male leads find it hard to communicate with their same-age peers and lonely for the Christmas. 

One day, Lilly's brother suggested Lilly, to place a book with clues in her favourite book shop to find a like-minded soul mate. Dash caught a book that is odd in the shop and finds it compelling and starts to read. It has a few lines to solve. The book contains clues with few instructions follow written in the book. 

After decoding the puzzle, Dash leaves a reply in the book to place the book at his best friend Boomer's pizza place to know her. But she outsmarts them both by placing the book in a shelf during the rush hour. 

From then on they leave replies at different places in new york city and dare to try each other their favourite things. Slowly they started to talk about their insecurities and dare others to do them. Few of the dares are funny and, some are cool. Both of them are caring for each other and teaching tips that they learnt in life.

At one point, both of them had distractions and, they are in quite a dilemma with their family relations and their love life. Their dares helped each of them to overcome their biggest fears. At last, how they met one another and how they expressed their love without the help of the book is the remaining story.

PS: There is a Jonas Brothers concert at the end of the series. Nick Jonas helps Dash to say feelings to Lilly.

Overall, the series is worth binge-watching this week with eight episodes and a total approximate run time of 3 hours and 40 minutes excluding the intro and end cards. 

My rating 7/10

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