Trail Router: A Route planning for outdoor run

Are you going for a Walk or Jog or Cycle every day to the same route and bored? Or Do you want for your exercise for a different route everyday? Then this article is for you. Let me introduce you to a route planner for your external exercise Trail Router.

Trail Router is a route planner for your exercise, it shows you the least travelled and most greenery route to talk a good walk or run. It shows you a different route each time, to and fro from your own house. You can also select different ranges depending on the interest of your walk/run length. 

According to the developer, he is a frequent traveller to the new places and hard to find good roads to take run with greenery and no high traffic. He used to search in google maps for safe and fewer traffic roads, every time before the run. This process is a lot of time-consuming and hard. So, he developed Trail Router to give him the best route to run every time in a new city.

The Main Features of this app is that you can set your preferences accordingly directly in the settings and the route plan will change depending on your settings. You can select the amount of greenery you would like, you can select how hilly you want your route to be. You can select to avoid repetition of the routes, but there might be chances of limitations depending on the location. You can select to avoid potentially unsafe roads which might contain high traffic. And finally, you can also avoid unlit streets during the night. 

Moreover, there is no sign-in required to get the route from the app or the website and one can share the trail easily with your friends also with a link. 

The developer designed both iOS and Andriod apps for the users who might be interested in using the service, Or you can use the website to create a route before going for a run. If you might happen to have a smartwatch you can export the route to it too.

If you are wishing to donate this developer, you can send a monthly amount up to $10 per month through his Patreon page.

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