The Kissing Booth 2: A Netflix Movie Review

The Kissing Booth 2 : A Netflix MovieReview

Kissing booth 2 is the continuation of the first part, where Elle and Noah trying to work out their long-distance relationship. Lee is finding it hard to find the balance between her best friend and his girlfriend, Rachel. After a wonderful summer holiday, Noah left to Harvard University leaving Elle behind to complete her senior year. Elle started to apply for the universities. Lee and Elle are interested in joining UC Berkley but, Noah is pressuring her to join Harvard so, their relationship would not jeopardize. 

On the first day, everyone is trying to consolidate her for the breakup with Noah. Elle tries to convince her fellow students that they didn’t break up, but, she felt useless to and left the matter alone. One day at the arcade, Elle and Lee found that someone name MVP made a high score on dance dance revolution game. They tried very hard to get a high score back on the board.

There is a funny scene in the movie, where Elle is verbally describing a guy name Marco about his six packs by looking at a video. The whole school is listening to the conversation through intercom without her knowledge. Elle found that paying for tuition fee at Harvard is expensive as her boyfriend is pressuring to join with him.

Elle was invited to Boston by her friend by sending a plane ticket and a hoodie. Elle suspected that Noah was cheating on her. And later found an earring of her under his bed in the university.  
At the arcade, Elle found a competition where she can win a lot of money and help her father paying her tuition fees. 

With the help of Lee, she started to practice for the competition. Rachel started to complain about the Elle and her invading the space between them so, Lee faked broken leg and convinced Elle to pair with Noah to win the competition as he is suitable for it.

Elle started practising with Noah for the upcoming competition, slowly they both started to move along. At the Halloween party, Rachel confronted Elle about she invading space between them and left from the party.  Elle and Marco won the prize amount in the competition, Noah suspected something between them and left the auditorium angrily.

Everyone gathered at Lee’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Rachel left the dinner because Lee didn’t tell Elle about giving them space. Some heated argument between Noah and Lee took place.

The rest of the story is where did Elle get accepted for the University, how did the differences between the Elle and Noah cleared, how the kissing booth cleared the differences between Lee and Rachel.

Overall, this film is a continuation of the previous part by not learning the mistakes from it. The comedy in this film is average and the drama between the main characters is kind of sloppy and can be made more interesting. With a happy ending, the movie is watchable.

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