Proton drive beta to launch in fall 2020

Protonmail is an email service company which encrypts every email with PGP protocol to protect users privacy with an encrypted calendar for more anonymity. The company has it's own VPN service to add more privacy to the user and their browsing data. Recently, the company announced that its storage services Protondrive which is similar to Google Drive and Microsoft's Onedrive with more encryption and privacy. The Protondrive will be open for public beta in fall of 2020.

Protondrive can come with an integrated payment plan with proton's other service including the Protonmail and ProtonVPN. At least 5 Gb of storage will be allocated to the free tire.

To support the users in COVID-19 pandemic, the company has increased storage to all the paid accounts via Protondrive.  For both Plus Plan and Professional Plan additional 5 GB is added, for Visionary plan the company has added 10 GB for free. 

There are other companies which provide similar secure storage such as Internxt and Pcloud. Your already existing Proton subscription will be valid for ProtonDrive (eg, if you currently have an active 100 GB and 5 users ProtonMail plan, you will also be able to use those on ProtonDrive at no additional cost).

The company has released a video on Twitter announcing that ProtonDrive is going to launch a beta version in fall of this year.

According to a Reddit user, Proton Drive is currently available for only premium users. Those who wish to access the Proton Drive need to pay more money. Some users are getting notification as an Invite to use the beta product. Few users are complaining about that thumbnail are not available for pictures. As it is end-to-end encrypted, it is hard to generate the thumbnail which may compromise the privacy which is garunteed by the company.

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