Netflix Warrior Nun

Ava (Alba Baptista), a 19-year-old quadriplegic girl is resurrected from death by an ancient ring-shaped artefact, when embedded on her back in an attempt to hide it. After that, her life is changed, she got her legs back and started to enjoy her life which is a dream before. Ava started to do things that are in her bucket list, after that she met few friends and spend some time with them in luxury houses. 

The warrior sisters try to get a hold on the artefact by tracking the Ava. This is like a secret force which is overseen by the Vatican City. Many trained nuns are in line to carry the legacy of the artefact, but they believe it chose Ava. These Warrior sisters do all the action in this series. There is a father who is the head of all the nuns in this church. On the other hand, there is a desperate freak rich-scientist who tries to open a portal with these ancient artefacts, which leads to another world to see her ill son alive forever. 

The first six episodes of the season are all about tracking Ava and try to make her believe in those ancient-artefacts powers to save the world from the evil. If you see any superhero film or comic book, you will find the protagonist searches for the enlightenment before completely unlocking his/hers superpowers. After that protagonist going to save the whole world from the evil.   This series is no different from that, but the trained nuns with an arsenal of weapons to take out a mini-army is kinda seen never seen before for me.

The demons from the other side are also searching for the same artefact. Ava handles them with a specially designed sword for warrior nuns. Ava with the help of other sisters, try to stop a father who killed the predecessor of that artefact.  With a few twists, drama and evil the season ends in the middle fighting. Imagine the intensity of wonder woman final fighting sequence with the lord of war just with a low budget, graphics and dull story.

Overall, the story narrating of the Ava is excellent and funny, which will definitely make you laugh. The bonding of the sisters with the church and the drama between them is good and watchable. Even though they are nuns, their weapons and gears are latest. The music in the slow-motions is a thing in this series. Some might feel this series is silly with the nuns and that stuff, but I like it.

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