Jio is copying the UI of What's App and Zoom

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited entered the Indian market in 2016 with a ton of freebies and attracted a lot of consumer within no time and steadily became number one in India. Jio also launched a set of apps which are free to use for its consumers which include ad-free music, free movies, magazines, free chatting app and many more.

Recently, the tech giant Facebook invested nearly ₹ 43,574 crores in Reliance Jio for a 9.99% share. This investment made a huge discussion in the business and tech industry for the timing of this investment. A few other companies are also invested in JIO after this announcement. 

In this pandemic, everyone started to use Zoom for its free video-conferencing facility, due to some issues in the app privacy, the Indian government directed all government institutions not to use Zoom for official purposes and announced a ₹ 1 crore prize money for developing a Zoom alternative. 

JIO recently launched JIO meet which is an alternative for Zoom with the same and exact user interface of its rival. Tipster Ishan Agrawal tweeted, that he is against making carbon copy alternatives to Tik Tok and Zoom in the name of Make In India and advised developers to use some creativity of their own. 

Zoom responded to the trolls on the internet. It wrote “Zoom has experienced intense competition since it was established in 2011, and yet we have become the platform of choice for millions of participants around the world. We know what it takes to become the unified communications platform we are today, including the immense amount of work and focus required to create our frictionless user experience, sophisticated security, and scalable architecture.”

Not only JIO meet, but JIO chat is also a carbon copy of the famous What's App messenger with same colours and User interface. One of Asia's richest man company is copying the User-interface of famous apps is showing a lack of creativity in the company.

Jio is copying the UI of What's App and Zoom 

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