How to stop Ads in Android.

How to stop Ads in Android.
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Advertisements are often annoying in the android phone while using. Some companies integrate ads into the user interface to get more money. There is a way to block ads on your android phone.

So here's a list of known methods to block ads. Any of these options will completely remove all ads, from all apps, including YouTube, and your browser.

 1) AdGuard VPN works like any other VPNblocks ads, malware and viruses also comes with app management, extensions, IP changing, etc.This is an AIO app for Ad-Blocking, Extensions, Privacy, and Overall App Management.

2) AdGuard DNS ~ If you're on Android 9.0, or later, then you can set up a custom DNS in your WiFi settings. Simply type in the custom domain box.

This is what I do, and prefer. Others may prefer a different method, for different reasons that work for them :)

  • Sign up for an account with
  • Once set up, add you are requesting as blockers and tracker lists.
  • Then if you're on Android 9 or higher, add the URL into your private DNS 
  • This will then do two things :
    • Block everything at a DNS level that uses your newly set up account
    • Encrypt all your DNS requests over TLS giving you even further privacy and security.
  • No cost on battery life. You're fully in control and you can use it on multiple devices.

3) Using Lucky Patcher ~ Lucky patcher is an app that allows you to mod, without any programming knowledge. One of its main features is removing all ads from an app. This will require you to rebuild each app, however.

4) Editing The Host File ~ YOU DO NEED ROOT FOR THIS METHOD! You can also use Lucky Patcher, or AdAway, to modify for you. If you want to do it yourself, then simply open the system folder in a file explorer, then edit the host file. For most phones, it's in /system/etc/hosts but this may be different depending on your device.

Extra Tip Using a browser like Brave, or adding UBlock Origin in your browser, can help also block any ads you may not want to see.

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