Desperados Netflix Review

Desperados Netflix Review

Wesley (Nasim Pedrad) is in desperate to find a boyfriend, despite having the worst year, her blind date Sean ( Lamorne Morris ), set by her mutual friend dumped her just in few minutes after meeting her. A few moments later, Wesley met Jared accidentally and they finally, spend a night.

Wesley was upset and wrote a pretty bad email because she thought Jared is ghosting her and when she is just about to to send it, Jared called and told that he is a coma for last five days. Wesley and her friends plan to delete the email from Jared's devices. So they all decided to go to Mexico and delete the email personally.

In the resort, Wesley met with her dumped date, Sean. The hotel manager is a good friend of Sean.  Without wasting any time, Wesley and her friends started to search for Jared's room in the resort. With a few funny and annoying incidents, they were thrown out of the resort. Wesley tried to find Jared's laptop by sneaking into the resort, but the manager found her and got her arrested.

Wesly thought that she would come clean with Jared and stopped trying to delete that email. Sean helped her to reach the airport to receive Jared from the hospital and travel back to America. In the flight, Wesley comes clean with Jared and tells him about the email. Jared rejects him after reading the email, her friends break up with her after the trip to Mexico.

One fine day after returning from Mexico, she got a call from that she is hired as a guidance counsellor in a school. Wesly also called a truce between her friends, and finally falls in love with Sean.

This whole movie is kind of annoying to watch with stupid jokes and scenes. By watching the trailer, this film made me think of 2014 Sex Tape Movie where a couple is trying to delete their personal video on the devices. This movie is nowhere near to that and a time waste to watch in this week.

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