Treadstone First Season Review

Treadstone First Season Review
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Just for reference lets go to Captain America: Winter solider. In that movie, Steve Roger's friend Bucky Barnes was captured by the Nazi's and reprogram his brain to kill people when someone utters specific words to trigger them and they, don't fall back until their mission is completed.

Now apply the same concept to this series. In Treadstone, Russian agency KGB installs a program in the captured American CIA agents brain just to follow orders without any humanity in them as a part of their trails in 1978. One CIA agent Randolph Bentley (Jeremy Irvine) successfully came out of that trans and reports back to base.

Everyone thinks him that Bently is a double agent and try to capture him. He escapes and proves him as loyal by trapping the lady in charge of the experiments. With the help of her, the CIA trains more as a part of the Treadstone program, the trained more agents known as Cicadas. These assassins were placed everywhere in the world and activated by a few symbols and locations. The one who is trained by CIA remembers only what they programmed to.

Suddenly, some start to activate them one by one to kill people who are involved with an oil company. Four different stories from South Korea, USA, Russia, India run parallel for each activated Cicada. Some of the Cicadas are not activating due to some glitches.

Finally, all four Cicadas have one mission to stop an ex-Russian general from selling a cold war era nuke to South Koreans, but he escapes. There is so much happening in this series, the story changes constantly between one part to another part. If you paused in between, there is a huge chance that you get confused in transitions. So my advice is to binge-watch the series without pauses.

The story is incompleted in the last episode, so there will be a second season soon. Even though this series is aired in 2019, this quarantine period is the best time to watch it. 

My Rating 6.5/10

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