The Vast of Night: A Movie Review

The Vast of Night: A Movie Review
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This film set back in the 1950s, radio is the main source of entertainment for the people in this American town close to the Mexican border. The high school in the town organizes a basketball match and invites the whole town.

The movie begins just before the basketball match, with a whole fifteen minutes of drama between the Fay (Sierra McCormick) and handsome DJ Everett (Jake Horowitz), and completes with Everett walking Fay to her switchboard - where she works as a telephone operator and reaches to the radio station.

Fay starts her shift as the telephone board operator and notices some kind of static on the radio which is aired by Everett. A few moments later, Fay gets a call with the same kind of noise just like on the radio. So, Fay calls her fellow board operator in the neighbouring town to find about the static but, no one knows. She called Everett and told about the static, Everett heard the static and guessed that this signal belongs to Airforce.

To know more about the static Everett, started to broadcast the signal and announced, he would give a gift in return to information about this strange static. A black retired military soldier called and shared his experience about this specific static. From now on the movie starts to intensify.

With the information got from billy, Everett and Fay go find the evidence in the school library. An old woman calls to the radio station and aks Everett to come to her house if he wants more information on the static.

Both Everette and Foy went to the old woman house with a tape recorder. She started to say about her son missing right in the middle of the lawn. She claimed that people from above are taking away humans when no one is around. Did Everette and Foy find them? What happened next is the remaining plot.

You need to bear the first fifteen minutes in the movie and try to understand what's happening. Once the Foy is in the phone operating room the movie slowly gets you to involve in it. The story of the caller and story of the woman makes you believe. With some running in between, few testings and a weird camera shot movie kinda increase your expectation but fails to keep up at the end.

Try to watch this movie without any disturbance if you had paused in between you won't find it interesting. Try to use the best headphones available if you are watching on a mobile or laptop. Watch this movie in a dark environment if possible as this movie runs during night time.

My Rating 6/10

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