The Last Days of American Crime: A Netflix Movie Review

The Last Days of American Crime:  A Netflix Movie Review
Source: Netflix

The Last Days of American Crime, is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Rick Remender and Greg Tochchini. Where the United States of America government plans to launch the American Peace Initiative (API) Program. The API is basically a signal would be transmitted from a tower that would interfere with the citizens’ mind and forbid them to accomplish anything that the government think is illegal. 

Basically, the government is trying to control people's mind as there is an increase in the crime rate. Due to this provocative step, numerous people are trying to immigrate to Canada, but border control has been set up to stop people migrating.

Graham Bricke (Edgar Ramírez) and his brother Rory Bricke (Daniel Fox) are good at bank robberies. Rory was caught and sent to jail, Bricke got a letter from saying that his brother killed himself and there will be no investigation. 

In a bar, Bricke was approached by a woman named Shelby Dupree (Anna Brewster) and Kevin Cash (Michael Pitt) to help them in executing the heist just before the API is started. The plan involving the Dupree to diverting the signal tower manger to delay the broadcast. So Cash and Bricke to steal the money from the mint and cross the border and live rich in Canada.

On the other hand, Dupree is working as an informant for the FBI. She made a deal with FBI agents to let her sister go to Canada and She will be telling about the heist. If she disobeys the orders, FBI agents would kill her sister and hunt her down.

Just before the heist, Kevin Cash killed his father who happens to be the head of a big criminal family in a fight. After the heist, Kevin kills Bricke friend who helped in the heist and tells Bricke that he is the one who killed his brother ross during the signal test in the prison.

Dupree is arrested by a police officer in the API signal tower, Bricke kills Kevin and goes to rescue Dupree. They both try to cross the border with bullet wounds. Bricke dies in the midway, Dupree finds her little sister in Canada and releases Rory's ashes in a lake and drives off.

The movie is too lengthy to watch and you immediately feel bored in the start itself. American Peace Initiative (API), details are not clearly shown at the start, so I felt that I missed and confused at the start. Even though the film has high production values to it, the lack of details in the story is a huge drawback.

My Rating 5/10

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