Reality z: A Netflix Series Review

Reality Z is a zombie apocalyptic Netflix series with a different concept and approach. The theme of this zombie series is Big Brother/ Bigg Boss - a reality show where selected members are isolated from the real world for a certain number of days and do what the voice tells with rules and punishment.

A reality show named Olympus is going on in Brazil for two months, suddenly a deadly virus struck the world and all the population around the world is infected. This series is divided into two parts which means two different stories which are connected.

In the first part, all the housemates - selected members of the reality show will survive. The house they are in was built with self-sustaining energy so the house can generate the power and water by itself throughout the life span. As the show's theme based on the ancient greek, all the participants are in ancient greek costumes.

Suddenly, participants think that Zeus - the voice that monitors the show was silent for quite some time and think that's part of the game. Behind the house, the zombies attacked everyone. Only the director of the show, an assistant and one eliminated contest will be alive. Somehow they managed to enter into the house.

One by one starts to get infected or attacked by zombies with their silly mistakes. The show director wants to get out of the house by baiting the zombies with the flesh of dead people in the house, his efforts fail. Zombies enter the house and kill everyone.

The creator of the Olympus and her son try to get into the house so they can take advantage of its self-sustaining abilities to survive. In the midway, cops hijack them and take their fuel and make them hostages. In the police car, a politician, his secretary and an arsonist were convinced by the creator to seek shelter at Olympus.

So they finally take control of the Olympus by killing all the previous zombies. With the help of the broadcasting equipment in the house, they broadcasted the video of the politician so people can help them to secure the whole building. Slowly, one by one start to come to the address posted in the video.
At first, few of them was invited into the house, one of them misbehaved with a woman, so they had to kill them.

So they used started to apply the game rules on the real people. This makes few of them angry, the situation went out of control. The next day up to 80 members showed up to enter the house, with them a gangster showed up started to negotiate.

The one who opposed the idea let the zombies in and they done the same mistake as the housemates. This zombie series is a kind of new concept but needs more work on the details. After all, this is a zombie series with flesh-eating infected humans.

My rating 4/10

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