How to listen to the JK Rowling's new book the Ickabog?


JK Rowling the creator of the Harry Potter world started to publish her new book The Ickabog online for free. Till now she has published 13 chapters of the book. According to the SSL(Secure Sockets Layer ) certificate issued to the website, the website went live around 18th of May.

You can now listen to the JK Rowling new book. All you need is a Microsoft Edge browser in your computer. If you have it, then go to and right-click and select read aloud. Then a virtual voice will start reading you the story. So This feature is just like audiobooks, you by from the audible but for free.  This feature uses Microsofts Azure text to speech service so it requires internet connection all the time.

If you feel the voice is too slow or fast, then go to the voice options on the top right-hand side and adjust the speed. You can listen to various countries English like American, Indian, German, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, French, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, China and many more. Not only that the text is being highlighted all the time where the AI is reading which helps the kids to listen and read the same time.

The author of the book called the cute little artists from around the world between ages seven to twelve to draw the illustrations regarding the story to publish in the book. You send the serious little artists art to the competition here.

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