Get an Inside look of ULA Rocket Manufacturing Plant

NASA is going to launch  Preserverance rover to Mars from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station no earlier than July 20, 2020.  This is the third rover by NASA to Mars. The main aim of the rover is to find biological life on the mars, so practically Perseverance is the roaming biologist on Mars. The rover is also carrying a helicopter on its belly, this will be the first helicopter named Ingenuity to fly on Mars.

United Launch Alliance's (ULA)  Atlas V rocket is used to carry the Perseverance and it's controlled helicopter from earth to Mars. This rocket is weighed around 590k kilograms with a standing height of 60 Meters and produces thrust about 10,600 kN during lift-off.

Company's CEO Tory Bruno as a guide, Destin, a YouTuber has got a special tour of United Launch Alliance Rocket Factory. How many of us will get a Rocket Manufacturing Factory special tour with the company's CEO? To show us he recorded and uploaded on his youtube channel Smarter Every Day.

In this hour-long video, Tory Bruno explains the process of making a rocket from scratch using Aluminium 7000 series thick sheets and ends with assembling of the parts. 

You can learn more about the rockets manufacturing in this video. Youtube is helping in shaping young minds through this type of informational videos. Normally you wouldn't get this type of interaction with the company's CEO about the manufacturing process of a Rocket. This video has more valuable information. Destin blurred out a few intellectual property pieces of equipment in the video, which can be copied by the competitors.

You can watch this video here

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