Forensic Movie Review

Forensic Movie Review

This movie starts with a child enjoying the suffering of a chicken's death at a local butcher's shop, immediately after that kill's his abusive father and bury his father body next to his house.

A few years later, little girls about five years of age are being killed all around the city. Rithika Xavier (Mamta Mohandas) as the chief investigating officer starts investigating the missing child's cases. As these cases are the first priority Rithika requests for a Forensic expert to process the samples faster from an entire team of 8 members from the state.

Samuel John Kattookkara (Tovino Thomas) was appointed to this case, Sam and Rithika are not comfortable working with each other as Rithika married Samuel's brother Xavier John Kattookkaran (Saiju Kurup) and their relationship is not good. Few scenes at the starting of the movie show Samuel's forensic deceptive talent.

After two girls of aged five murdered in the exact same style, the police thinks that this could be done by a serial killer. But Sam deduces that a child of age 12 is behind the killing with his forensic abilities. Rithika thinks that his theory is ridiculous and warns him not to interfere with the police investigation.

When the third girl is missing an eye witness confirms that a 12-year-old boy is dumping a five-year-old girl's dead body. With the sketch, the police identified the boy through his doctor. Police couldn't able saved this girl too. Sam found a DNA of the killer all he needs to do is to check with everyone's DNA at the scene.

Sam didn't get any luck. A police officer who handled a similar case a few years back approaches Sam with his suspects DNA to match it with present case killer, it's a match. So he started to help Samuel with the case. This 12-year old boy was arrested by police, in jail during the night he commits suicide. Sam thinks this boy is being controlled by his earing aid with radio frequencies.

While checking the security cameras near the jail, Sam's assistant finds a blue car at the time of boys death. That same blue car is in front of Sam's house at that time. When Sam went near to check, he was attacked by an unidentified man and woke up tied in an old bus in the middle of the forest.

From then the story runs very fastly with some twists and truths revealing, one by one. Overall, this film is fun, thrilling to watch with a few blunders and routine mystery-solving stereotype movie with some forensic tips and interesting facts about bone marrow transplantation. But the efforts made by the actors are good, especially by the child actors. I don't think a forensic doctor can solve a case like this movie in real life.

My Rating 6/10

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