Curon: A Netflix Series Review

Curon: A Netflix Series Review
Source: Netflix

After 17 years, Anna Raina (Valeria Bilello) returns to her home town from Milan with her twin children Mauro (Federico Russo) and Daria (Margherita Morchio) due to problems in her marriage. Anna's father Thomas (Luca Lionello) rejects them at first but accepts them later. Anna enrols them in the local school. 

On the first day of school, Anna saw her childhood boyfriend Albert, when he tries to make a conversation she avoids him. Mauro and Daria complete their first day at school by making some friends and enemies. Albert's wife Klara is the class teacher for the Mauro and Daria. Klara's daughter Miki Asper (Juju Di Domenico) is in the same class. 

Bizarre things start to happen when the twins fell into the lake. Mauro tries to retrieve his drone lost from the lake, while her sister is partying with her classmate Miki. To get the drone back, Mauro stole a pedal boat and went into the lake and fell into the lake while grabbing it. Daria fell into the lake while drinking alcohol. 

The next day one of their classmates was killed by a doppelganger rose from the lake. His behaviour and personality is changed and lives the life of the dead. The next day, Anna went to see a place in the mountains which she was obsessed in her childhood. In the midway, she was kidnapped by her doppelganger who killed her mother 17 years ago. The doppelganger is the main reason to leave the town in the first place.

Anna was missing for a day, the twins got worried especially, Mauro was disturbed too much. Thomas and his friend left to the forest in search of Anna, he found a cell phone and her car in the valley. He left the forest with the cellphone as it's already dark. When the twins tried calling Anna, they found the phone in Thomas coat. 

Next day early morning, twins left to woods in search of Anna. They both found a cabin deep in the forest, while they are ready to enter Thomas and Albert stop them. Mauro finds Anna's ring on the steps of the cabin. 

From then on the doppelganger of Anna's try to take her life by moving close to the kids but Mauro found that she is odd. So with the help of Miki and her brother, the twins start to search for Anna. The secrets of the lake and the doppelgangers change their life.

You find it difficult to understand the Curon for the first five episodes, once you get a hold on the series, it ends. This seven-episode series shows you the beautiful scenery of the Italian mountains and wolves. You can give Curon a chance to stream only when you don't have anything to watch in entire Netflix.

My Rating 4/10

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