Choked: Netflix Movie Review

Choked: Netflix Movie Review
Source: Netflix

Sarita (Saiyami Kher) wants to be a singer when she is younger and married to a guitarist, Shushant (Roshan Mathew). Due to a bad performance, Sarita lost her dream and started working as a cashier in a bank. Sushant has lost his job and started a business with a partner, his partner took all the money and cheated him. So he is kind of jobless and borrows money from the loan sharks for his needs.

Sarita is the only earning member in the family who lost faith in his careless husband. She lives in a house where sink leaks all the time with a husband who doesn't care about it and a neighbour who complaints about leaking roof. Everyone in the apartment is friendly and help each other out. The relationship between the Sarita and Sushant becomes volatile.

MLA's Personal Assistant on the topmost floor of the apartment hides the black money in a sanitary water pipe. Money blocked the water flow in the pipe, so the dirty water is kicking back the money packets through the sinkhole in the lower flats.

One day at 4 AM, Sarita found out the new currency is coming through the sinkhole. She took the money to the bank and checked for its Genuity by placing it in a UV light and came to know that they are real. So every day around at 4AM, she starts to wait for the money at the sinkhole and grab all the packets that came through the pipes that day and hide them all in the house.

On November 8th 2016, Prime Minister Modi announced that all 500 and 1000 notes are not valid. Sarita started to panic about the notes. While she is coming back home from the bank, money lender Reddy (Upendra Limaye) follows her and confront about his money and offered a deal to exchange currency at her bank.

At the same time, one aunty from the building captures a video Sarita and Reddy going to a hotel. She shares the video to her peers. The Neighbour below her asks Sarita's help to change the notes for her daughter's marriage. Sarita tells about Reddy who exchanges the old for new currency for commission.

Sushant finds out about the video and confronts Sarita about her financial transactions and new items in the house. So Sarita finds something fishy and collects all the money in the house to exchange in the bank at the same time some thieves rob money from the bank, they took her money too.

After a few days, the Income-tax department officials came to her house for investigating. They asked about the money she lost during the robbery in the bank and assured her that she won't get arrested for that and they want information about the money.

Sushant helped the officials to get the money. While they are investigating everyone in the apartment went to the falt and stole the money before the IT officials came. After a year later, Sushant gets a letter from the IT department saying that he can collect 10% of the money as a reward which is recovered from the raid.

Overall, this Anurag Kashyap's film is kinda long and boring regular fights between the couple. The story is good and fresh, it makes you watch interestingly. A few details and links are missing which can be worked out.

I thought this film would show something about demonetisation like how few people in high places changed their notes during the demonetisation period. 

My Rating 6/10

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