Bulbbul: A Netflix Indian Fairy Tale tries to fear with sweet music

As the title suggests this story is about a girl who got married at 5 years old to a 30-year-old Mahendra (Rahul Bose). Mahendra has got two brothers, Indranil and Satya. Indranil (Rahul Bose) is mentally challenged and married to Binodini (Paoli Dam). Satya (Avinash Tiwary) is the same age group as Bulbbul. So, they used to spend a lot of time together playing.

After 5 years of law education in London, Satya comes back home at night and hears about a woman Curupira killing people around the village. So, he tries to catch the demon with the help of some locals, during the search, a man was killed and hanged to a tree. Sudip (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) a local doctor helped police with the paintings and details of the killings.

Satya saw Sudip and Bulbbul talking freely in the house and got suspicious. Satya visited Binodini and requested to stay in the house to help Bulbbul for upcoming pooja. Indranil was killed by the demon Curupira. Satya asks Binodini about the doctor and Bulbbul relationship, her answers added more suspicions to their relationship.

A few years back, Binodini told that she is worried about Satya and Bubbul's relationship to Mahendra. To break them, Mahendra sent Satya to study law in London and trashed his wife with an iron rod. Doctor Sudip stiched her legs and took good care of her. The remaining plot is how Satya found the Curupira and what happens to Bulbbul.

The whole movie set back in 1800 and early 1900 in Bengal before partition. The movie has pleasant background music when the Curupira arrives which is different from other horror movies. I don't think this movie falls under the horror movie because it's just a demon punishing a man for their misbehaviour with a woman. This film shows the red colour night instead of the black colour night just like in the Justice League. You can observe that the director highlighted the colour red in this film.

If you are looking for some horror show in this film you will be disappointed, this film is a pleasant horror and an average suspense movie with a good unexpressed love story with a Bengal tradition. 

My Rating 7/10

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