Upload: An Amazon Original Series Review

Upload: An Amazon Original Series Review

Upload is a new Amazon Prime original 10 episode series with a whole new science-fiction world where humans are uploaded to a server just like scientist Zola in Captain America.

In this series, a human being can be uploaded to a server when he is alive. If he/she is dead the upload doesn't work. While uploading human beings head will be scanned via a machine which eventually makes head to vaporize and leaves the body behind.

After the upload, the data obtained from the brain is stored in a server as memory files. The server processes your information to get your ready in the virtual world. An angel, your real-world personal assistant will help you with designing the body and waking you up in the virtual world.

The person in the virtual world needs to pay to get upload. You need to pay for bandwidth using in the virtual world - if a virtual person is thinking, seeing anything, doing any activities the server process information; that processing amount is depending upon the money you pay.

From the virtual world, you can speak to others in real-world via a video call just like human beings, you can have relationships, you can hug real persons with a pressure suit.

Coming to the story, A good looking man named Nathan Brown is developing a project with his friend (Name) same as upload which could be free for everyone. This project threatens a $600 Billion industry so someone hacked his artificial intelligence driverless car and makes it to crash.

As his chances of survival after an operation is low, his girlfriend Ingrid insists on upload instead of the operation. As she is rich, she paid for Nathan's upload which gave her full access over him. She dresses him up like a barbie doll, Nathan feels like he is not in control of his life for the first time.

On his first day, Nathan feels sad and he is unable to cope up with his death and loneliness. So he tries to kill himself by jumping into the data stream that connects the virtual world and the real world.

Slowly, Nathan falls in love with his angel Nora (Andy Allo) and tries to investigate his death and connection to strange deaths occurring in the city who is involved in his project.

At last, this series takes you to a new world which is not great as West World but makes you involve in this Sci-Fi world which Ok. The comedy, adventures in virtual and real-world, drama are the plus points for this series.

The main focus of the first season is on the adjustment of the virtual world, the love between Nathan and his angel and Nathan's murder mystery.

My Rating 7/10

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