Unorthodox: Escape from Old Traditions | A Netflix Miniseries Review

This Netflix miniseries is about a 19-year-old woman from a Hasidic community in Williamsburg who is trying to get away from her life. 

Esther Shapiro aka Esty (Shira Haas) is married to a young man named Yanki Shapiro (Amit Rahav) which is arranged by their parents. One day, Etsy decided to leave her husband to go to Berlin. She got the passport and ticket from a lady who is helping her with piano lessons.

Etsy left the NewYork all alone to her mother, Leah Mandelbaum Schwartz (Alex Reid) in Berlin. When Etsy buzzed the door, it was unanswered, so she went to search for her mother, Leah Mandelbaum Schwartz (Alex Reid). Etsy saw her mum with another lady, so she left.

In a coffee shop, Etsy helped a young man with coffee and followed him to a music university. While he and his friends are learning a song, Etsy inspired to join the university and pursue music. A professor from the university helps her with an application for the scholarship.

In NewYork Yanki Shapiro and his cousin, Moishe Lefkovitch (Jeff Wilbusch) were ordered by the Yanki's parents to fetch Etsy from Berlin. At first, they both searched at her mother's house but couldn't find her and Etsy's mother denies any knowledge of her.

So Yanki and Moishe are on roads searching for Etsy, Moishe breaks Leah Mandelbaum house and finds that Etsy enrolled in the university. Moishe secretly followed her confronts and frightened her and left a gun.

Etsy went to her mother in fear and explained everything to her and stayed the night. Next day during the audition Moishe came to the university to disturb the audition but Etsy's mum scared him with his own gun.

Yanki tried to impress Etsy with presents and take her back to NewYork but she refuses to go back. This Netflix miniseries shows the struggle of the woman to get freedom from the orthodox family and its stupid rules.

In My opinion, what Etsy has done is brave and courageous to run away from this kind of family but how long can one run away from problems in life. Running away from the problems in real life would be foolish, you need to solve the problem you face. If the problem is out of your grasp then running is the only option.

There is a making video in the Netflix try watching that too and you find the difficulty in the making of the wedding scene in just two days. That time is taken to style men is more than a woman in this series because of the hanging hair on the side which is kind of interesting.

My Rating 8/10

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